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Product Management Cohort

Product Management Training Course

12 Weeks

You'll learn:

Developing a competitive edge

Master the essential skills of effective market analysis, customer needs assessment, product differentiation, pricing strategies, and distribution channels. Dive into diverse frameworks and tools to identify and capitalize on your company's distinctive strengths and capabilities.

The foundational elements of a powerful product strategy.

Delve into established frameworks and tools that assist in defining your product strategy, effectively communicating it to stakeholders, and devising a pricing strategy aligned with the product's value to customers. Learn to differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace and drive impactful outcomes.

Master the art of stakeholder management.

Establishing and nurturing robust relationships with stakeholders is vital to garnering the support and resources necessary for achieving results with your product team. Learn the essential skills including stakeholder identification, cultivating persuasion and influence, conflict resolution, and negotiation skills.

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